New Tune: Face (or, uh, yeah, something else when I think of a proper title for the darn thing.)

Worked up a new tune on the uke this weekend. Wrote most of it while we had guests over watching Ant-man.  The movie is completely not relevant to the song at all, but, facts. I did happen to write about 70% of this song while sitting on my living room floor watching Ant-man and in between pretending I do yoga (aka – randomly stretching on the floor while my friends tried to remember the names of yoga poses).

Recorded on cell phone only again, because laziness, and because it’s 10 pm, you know, the time of day I’m most productive, so naturally need to consider getting my butt in bed.

And, for the moment, until I think of something or someone gives me a suggestion that I like, it’s called ‘Face’ because that was the working title in my notepad app, on the grounds it was built off of a scrap of the first three lines of the song, which was sort of just festering in my phone for weeks on end before I could be bothered and/or focused enough to do anything with it.

And, in something totally unrelated…someone needs to make a left handed guitalele. (Note: No, that’s not related to this post at all, or actually to anything at all-it’s not as if I’m on the market for any new toys at the moment- but I sort of randomly found out that literally NO ONE makes one, and I’m feeling some righteous-lefty-indignation on the subject. Not that I’m surprised, since I’ve yet to find anyone making a left handed tenor uke, either, but STILL, someone needs to get on that shit. Just saying.)

I can see your face
In a faded photograph
That only exists in my mind
The twitch of a laugh not quite how it's meant
Everybody breaks sometimes.

You were barely breathing
Hands threaded through your hair
Silent, sacred, screaming
Didn't know anyone cared

If everything was simple
We'd have so much time
To learn our lifelong lessons
Forget that we're not fine.

But I know that it matters 
that you're falling fast
Cracking under pressure
Afraid this fear will last.

I know you're barely breathing
With hands threaded through your hair
Breaking, blaming, bleeding
So alone and so aware.

things for you have gone amiss
And you've been missing for so long
You might think the time has come to 
end all this
that your problems in this life 
are just too strong to fight with fists
but what they never tell you
Is that inner strength's a gift
Someone hands it to you
Then you just hold on.

When the world goes sideways
and your clenched fingers burn
remember time plus patience 
make the axis turn.

I can see your face
In a faded photograph
That only exists in my mind
The twitch of a laugh not quite how it's meant
Everybody breaks sometimes

You were barely breathing
Hands threaded through your hair
Silent, sacred,screaming
I know it's lonely there

What matters the most 
is not how hard we fall
It's the things that give us strength
To get up after it all.


4 thoughts on “New Tune: Face (or, uh, yeah, something else when I think of a proper title for the darn thing.)

  1. Wow. You’ve come far enough that you can put together chord progressions and strum patterns and write songs. 😉 This might actually be your best one yet. Its tight, it flows, the lyrics fall right in with the rhythm. Congrats!


    1. Well, to be fair, I sort of started at writing songs. I suspect that’s the poet in me. Composing seems more natural (and more engaging) then just working with other people’s stuff. Though, if I’m being serious, I should be doing both, because covers teach you things that you might not come across on your own. Composing is more fun, though.

      I am happy with this one, though. It fell together pretty easily, but it’s very simple, really. Definitely still beginner level stuff. Same ol’ strum, same ol’ chords. I didn’t really try to tackle anything new with this one – just reassembled stuff I already know, which probably helped.

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      1. Using chords that you know is fine – I think what you’re doing is referred to as “building a vocabulary”. Its working too. What you’re playing sounds natural – and on top of that, you can SING when playing too. I can’t muster up enough brain power to do that yet.

        Regarding learning other people’s stuff – yeah, that’s a great way to learn how other people think when playing, and to take in more vocabulary. I’m so on-and-off with my practice, but I do like trying to figure out stuff by ear, even if its mostly simple stuff right now. It gives me a real appreciation for people who know intervals enough to just hear a note and another one and know what they are. Someday, I’m going to be able to do that.


      2. Yes, but that’s WHY it’s smooth, is my point – because this piece only uses things I’m already comfortable with. A lot of the others lack that because of vocab building. The instrument just requires too much brain power, so everything else, including vocals, suffer from inattention/too much thinking.

        I certainly couldn’t sing and play bass simultaneously. Singing works when what the hands are doing is almost second nature. It’s not easy, and I am better at it with certain instruments and songs than others for that reason. Either the vocals or the hands have to be automatic or it just becomes a mess. So we’re just working on very different things. I haven’t touched on any ear training yet, which is something you focus on. We’re just working on things in a different order.

        The thing about covers is that you inadvertently learn chords, patterns, and techniques you didn’t know you wanted to know. So it’s more rudimentary to me than how someone thinks. But I get bored with memorization tasks, so sadly can’t focus on them for very long. If I could, I think my technique would advance more quickly. Instead, composing more has me working through fusing melody with rhythm more smoothly, and figuring out those connections first, while leaving gaping knowledge holes in my wake. Lol. Proof, I guess, that there’s no wrong order as long as you’re creating something.


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