Test #2 with the Honeytone Mini Amp

I got my new guitar cable in the mail today, so thought I’d run the guitar through the Honeytone again. Between my last post and this one, I did manage to eliminate the clicking by using my right angle cable, but all of my cables to date are of the dirt cheap variety. And, while I’m not of the school of thought that a super-expensive cable makes a difference over a reasonably priced cable, I also am of the school of thought that a reasonably priced cable, at the least, is going to be more durable and reliable than the cheapest crap you can possibly buy (the latter being what I own).

So, I saved a bit of cash last week and decided to take advantage of an accessory sale that was running to buy a cable that was of a higher quality than my dirt cheap cables, see if that improved matters further, so I grabbed a 15′ livewire css115. Not at all an expensive cable, probably still below the threshold most would consider “reasonably priced”, but it does still count as a significant improvement for me. It’s literally twice the width of my other cables, and you can tell just by picking it up it’s got more heft and overall better construction, so it counts. Anything better than what you had before counts.

So, I opened it up, plugged it into my mini amp and my guitar, and fiddled with the settings to see what the verdict was.

There is a notably clearer overall sound with the new cable. It’s a nice, snug fit in the jack, which seems to help with that loose connection I can’t get at inside the amp itself.

As far as overall sound – things tend to be best when I stick to my single-coil pickups. The Humbucker is best with little to no Overdrive. Humbucker + Overdrive for that nice gritty guitar tone sounds like hell. Since the advertisement on the box is all about “vintage tone”, this seems like honesty in advertising to me. When I think ‘vintage’, whether properly or not, it’s the single coil sound that comes to mind, and that’s where this little toy is clearly strongest. Once I flip the humbucker into the mix, it takes some delicate balance on the settings to get something that sounds okay.

Still, a bit of fidgeting about and a better cable do pull more out of this thing on the guitar end of the game than I was getting at unboxing, which I suppose is worth enough of an update post.

EDIT: Of course, immediately after I write this post, I plug the uke into it, and the speaker starts cutting out on me every 3 seconds. So, all is not sunshine and roses in Honeytone land. There remains some sort of loose connection, that I have had to take the ‘nintendo approach’ to trying to resolve (if you’re old enough, you’re laughing already. If you’re not, basically I mean ‘shaking and blowing on things’.) since plastic casing in the guts of the thing makes it really impractical to try to pry open.

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