New Tune: Words I Cannot Say

I know, I’ve been quiet lately. There hasn’t been a lot to talk about on the music front. I’ve spent a bit of time getting back into Yousician (which seems to think an A flat is an A and can not be convinced otherwise in spite of every single tuning device and my ears being pretty much in agreement at about what an A is…and Yousician being…flatter than that. Categorically. Across the board. I even installed a new tuner app on my phone just to quadruple check. Ahem. So yeah, sick of talking about app tech issues of that sort for the moment), and also dabbling a bit in Rocksmith again, but it’s been a while and my feet aren’t properly wet, so for the most part I’m just going over the basic of the basics to kind of get a feel for it all again.

I’ve also been spending a lot of time walking and taking pictures, and killing my camera battery. There are pics to upload, and I need to do that, but I’ve been lazy. Not even my instagram is up to date. I think I’m still uploading from Labor Day weekend over there at the moment. The backlog here is, well, worse, because I pretty much only plug my camera into the lappy when my battery dies.

And, in the midst of all that, I’m apparently still writing new tunes. This one I decided to actually use my capo for once. I’m not sure what to do about capos. I originally bought one because when I first started learning, some lesson or other suggested it as a means of bringing the strings closer to the fretboard and thus being easier for a beginner. So, I bought one, and then never used it for that purpose at all, and it’s sort of been collecting dust since. I don’t know, maybe I was trying to justify the wasted pittance of cash with this one. I just thought ‘I want to try using my capo, because no reason’, and so I did.

Recorded in the usual jimmyrigged way – with a cheapo mic, a guitar practice amp, my acoustic guitar, and my smartphone. It’s still rough, but it’s good enough to sketch out a rough recording.

Words I Cannot Say
Somebody that I used to know
Died just the other day
It's a sign of how we live and grow
That the news leaves me with words I cannot say

I never liked you much
Now that you're gone I don't know how to feel
Since we've been out of touch
Did you grow up and make friends who were real?

I'm supposed to feel so gray
But it's been ages since we had common ground
And I don't know what I'm supposed to say
You're just gone and don't need you around

Somebody that I used to know
Died just the other day
It's a sign of how we live and grow
That the news leaves me with words I cannot say

When I was young you kicked sand in my face
You lied to me all the goddamn time
You made sure that I knew my place
That I never stepped outside the lines

You made sure your light shone so bright
By casting others as your shades of gray
You never could admit when you were wrong      
I gave up and the lives we led went their separate ways.

Now everyone expects me to be sad
To only have the nicest things to say
Well too fucking bad
I don't know if you turned out alright
If not for the common threads we had
We'd just have been two ships and an endless stretch 
of night

Somebody that I used to know
Died just the other day
the news leaves me with words I cannot say.

2 thoughts on “New Tune: Words I Cannot Say

  1. I love the contradiction of feelings in this song. The truth being spoken instead of some empty platitudes. I’m glad that you’re recording these songs, because I know all too well that these ideas can leave us as quickly as they come to us.


    1. I’ve always found the fact we have rules about how we talk about the death kind of bizarre, but I didn’t know when I started this song that it would be about that. I just had a capo and the phrase ‘someone I used to know’.

      I record them for that reason. Even when they’re rough, at least I have something to remind me if I don’t touch a tune for a while and need to jump-start my brain when I get back to it.


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