Nope, I’m not dead. Probably.

I’m not sure when I posted last, but I suspect it’s been a while. I’m hoping to have some more photos up soon, as I clear off my camera in preparation for the renaissance faire. I’ve been uploading to instagram like a mad thing trying to clear off my phone. 

I also should be recording a new song  that’s kinda-sorta-not-really about time travel for you very soon. I’ve been working on trimming and tweaking ‘Imaginary’ into something of a reasonable length, too, which may be accomplished in the somewhat near future.
And, I’ve been doing crafts, which I guess counts as art so can be justifiably posted here. 

What do you get when you combine old sheets, old curtains, and scavenged buttons? If you’re me, you get to make a convertible festival bag at 2 AM.

The bag has two loops on the corner, so can be thrown on a belt, or the matching strap can be tied as a belt or buttoned as a shoulder bag or cross-body bag. 

I’ve also sewn a hidden cell phone pocket into my renaissance cape, so this year my theme is apparently ‘I don’t want to carry a shoulder bag unless I absolutely have to’.

In other music news, I have to take back the reasonable things I said about my recently acquired honeytone mini amp: it worked about twice with a wonky connection, now is dead as a knob. It’ll take a heck of a lot of work to crack open to fix, which may not be worth my energy, honestly, but maybe I’ll feel like making a project of it later. For the moment, though, it’s completely unusable and I suspect will be in the trash soon.

My last concert event of the concert season (this excludes more local pub shows, where you don’t have to wait outside) will be a Bad Religion/Against Me! show. More on that soon-ish. Looking forward to this one, though. I’ve seen Against Me! live before and they put on a great show. Bad Religion is one of those bands I played to death when I was 15, so this should be a cool show for me.

More organized post coming soon. I hope.

5 thoughts on “Nope, I’m not dead. Probably.

  1. Which ren faire are you going to? Its not the one in Tuxedo, NY is it? We’re considering going with the Bopps this weekend, since its the last, and we didn’t go this year.

    Also, if you have decent speakers on your computer, you might want to look at Amplitube, to amp your guitar and bass (and even the uke). I posted about it earlier today. There’s a free version called Amplitube Custom Shop which I tried yesterday and like. It’ll work with the Rocksmith cable.

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    1. We prefer the PA faire. Less congested. Traffic isn’t as bad. Somewhat better acoustics. We tend not to go to the NY faire often even though it’s a bit closer. (though, probably more than a bit for you. From me, both are a road trip.)

      I’ll check that out. I’m behind on my reading as usual. My speakers are mediocre, but as all I need is something I can get quieter than my combo amp (while still being able to fiddle with tone) so roomie doesn’t kill me, that might be promising. I’d still like a mini for the uke, and for when I’m dog-sitting and the like, but that’s a want, not a need and can wait.


      1. I think you’ll get more out of Amplitube than I do because you have 3 different types of instruments to use to tinker with it. There’s a lot of guitar stuff for it, and a smaller amount for bass. I’m sure the guitar stuff would work for the uke.

        And yeah, Tuxedo is about 45 mins from us, if I remember right. Of course, every trip with the baby feels a bit more… challenging.


      2. I’ll take a look. It’ll probably depend. I’m function over form. If it’s got too many options/too much tinkering I’ll likely find it annoying, but I’d like to be able to fiddle with gain and overdrive a little without the roomie freaking out. My needs are pretty basic right now, but if it’s straight forward and I don’t have to ride a learning curve, it sounds like it will suit me well.

        Yeah, I think NY is about an hour and a half or so with no traffic. So, you know…4 hours or so. Lol. (last time it literally took us almost 2 hours to go the last 5 miles. From now on, if we go to the NY faire, we are leaving at dawn. No more of this ‘will meet you there at noon’ crap. We could have walked there faster.)

        PA is around 2-3 hours, but we make a trip of it -overnight at friends who are a bit closer and then to PA from there. It actually extends the overall travel time, but it breaks up the drive, which is nice.


      3. I’m more into function, myself. Its something I bicker with Joan about a bit when we’re getting things together and she wants something pretty while I want something that does what we need. šŸ˜‰

        Amplitube probably has a lot of options, but all I’ve done so far is set it up, plug in and try the presets. The screenshots on my post show where to find them. You can use the menu/drop-down list to go to a specific one, or you can just click the little up/down arrows by the orange text to actively scroll through the list of available ones and try them on the fly, which is what I did. That’s also how I ended up trying all the guitar stuff on the bass – I didn’t know that they were sorted/categorized because I didn’t use the drop-down list first.

        Of course, you can also click on individual items, like stomp, amp, cab, etc. and pick stuff from there. That’s also where you switch from each of those items to fiddle with the knobs and buttons. I haven’t done any of that myself. I just listened to how the presets sound as-is. When I have more focused time, I’ll turn knobs and push buttons to see what pops.

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