Photos: Thompson Park – Monore

I normally wouldn’t share the petting zoo photos, since they’re not very good or even very interesting, but there’s a bit of a story here. (Just a bit. Don’t get excited.)  See, Thompson Park in Monroe is absolutely huge. It’s gargantuan. It has about a bunch of different places to park, multiple different places to access the trails, and other than the Conservation Area trail, I had yet to find the trailhead from the main park. I looked at their map. I knew there was one somewhere near the petting zoo, and ended up stalking around the entire thing looking for it. (Hint: drive past the petting zoo to the end.) So, I ended up mostly giving up and just making a lap around the zoo.

At the very end having already sucked up 90% of the time I had in which I could do my evening walk, I looked at the map again, hopped in the car and  drove past the circle (wth does a park need with a circle? What 5 year old designed this crap? How many different color crayons were required? – I jest, but seriously, this tiny little circle has literally no purpose. It’s just there because apparently a generic stop or yield sign would be to provincial.) to the very last lot. I still didn’t see the trailhead right away. What I did see was a tiny little sign on a light post that said “trails ->”.

So, the end of the story is I followed the breadcrumbs and found the trail head, but didn’t have time enough to actually walk the trails from this end, so I sort of just peeked in on them a bit and decided to save an actual trail walk for another day. And, thus, you get petting zoo pictures.


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