Photos: Cheesequake State Park

This is the last batch off of my camera. I will be sharing one more batch off the phone later, because I forgot my camera and it’s too pretty a park not to share here, but I actually got most of the photo backlog out to you today. So yay.

This is a shockingly small number of pictures out of me, I know, but this was a hike I went on with friends, and I tend not to pause for photos quite as much when there’s a group.

Also, fun fact, my hiking boots absolutely murdered my ankles this hike, to the point I had bloody scabs on the back of them that just fell off a day or two ago. It’s fun to discover that your ankles are being rubbed raw about half a mile into a 2+ mile hike. I gimped most of the way. A lot of the park walks I do in generic athletic sneakers. The ground is firm enough, and there isn’t any serious climbing, so they suit just fine, but at a place like Cheesequake, there are a few slippery patches, or a few areas where someone only 5’4 has to do some high knee raises or climb around like a toddler to get around a tree, or up a set of wood stairs that were designed for a titan. In those sort of places, the treads of a decent pair of hiking shoes can make quite a difference. So, I didn’t remember from last season that my hiking boots rub me raw until it was too late, and the more they break in, the worse it gets.

The demon boots have since been replaced and I’ve converted: I am now a hiking shoe kind of gal. My right foot is such that no boot ever fits just so, and I’ve realized the clunking about in them is what causes the blisters, so I either need something quite short, or quite tall – a typical hiking boot height and the shape of my feet is apparently a bad match. Hiking shoes hit lower on the back of the ankle and therefore don’t have this same issue. Live and learn.

And, since a store by me happened to be going out of business, I happened to come across the last pair of hiking shoes, which just happened to be my size and happened to come home with me for seventeen bucks, so there’s that, too.

That’s it for the picspam for now. I think I have one more set I want to share of a park I haven’t featured on the blog yet, but I’m out of time for the moment.

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