Photos: Thompson Park – Lincroft

You may want to head over to my instagram for the 2nd half of this hike, as my camera batteries (both the main and the backup) both died about halfway through, so this post misses out on pretty much all of the pics near the lake, though as you can see you get quite a lot of the reservior trail.

This was an overcast, windy day, but the temperature was great, which made it an ideal day for a longer hike, and I enjoyed kind of just wandering off on my own for a few hours. I actually remember this was a hike I did on Labor Day weekend, to give you an idea of how close to current I am on my uploads here. Getting there, I guess, but given the sheer quantity of pictures I take on these hikes I’m not out of the woods yet.

(As an aside: I also notice that since I started adding photography to the ol’ blog, I’m inching close to my storage capacity, so may have to resort to an external image hosting site relatively soon. Open to suggestions on that front, if you happen to have a favorite freebie.)


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