Photos: Plainsboro Preserve

I had a hard time picking what photos to post here. I took so many. It was such a gorgeous day. I don’t normally go walking on Fridays, but the weather was so nice that I decided that wearing myself out and then still doing my grocery shopping was worth it. I don’t get to go to the Plainsboro Preserve often. It’s near work for me, but in the wrong direction, so during the week isn’t hugely practical – there just aren’t hours enough in the day to chop off an extra half hour or more in travel time alone.

The last time I was here, it was after walking around all day in the absolute wrong sneakers (which I then threw away). By the time I got to the preserve, I had SUCH blisters, but it was worth it, even limping. I made a mental note, though, to come back when my feet weren’t killing me so I could properly enjoy it…and then didn’t make it back for almost a year. Definitely need to come back here for more thorough exploring at another time.

I wasn’t able to do the trail I really wanted to do thanks to me wandering off course and running out of time (though, my wandering revealed some great shots of Lake McCormack, so I consider it time well spent), but will come back to do it on some other day. There’s still a lot here that  I haven’t had the chance to thoroughly explore.

There are a bunch more pictures from this walk on my instagram, @sonicshel.

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