Photos: Huber Woods

So, I completely forgot I said I was going to post these after the Cheesequake post and then, well. Didn’t. I also, apparently, didn’t actually move them to my computer before deleting them off my phone (doh!), so I had to sort of copy a few off of the ol’ instagram for you. (Don’t worry. I’ll be back at some point and take more, better pictures them, to atone for the error of my ways).

Huber Woods is seriously interesting. Sandwiched between two major highways in the Coastal NJ area, when you’re looking for it, you turn a corner off of a main road and suddenly you’re transported into what looks like the middle of nowhere.  As you approach, you find the environmental center looks like a picture stolen right out of postcard of the Alps.

Now, I wouldn’t know this if I didn’t do this hike with my mother, but she was so enchanted by the building we went inside and wandered. Unlike me, Mom’s all extrovert, so she thinks nothing of chatting up the staff, who told us the land was donated for conservation by the Huber family, who at one point kept the residence as their summer home. They intentionally had it designed to resemble the architecture where they came from, so you’ve got this very Austrian building just hiding in this patch of woods.

Behind the house, you can take a short trail out to an overlook that gives you just the barest glimpse of the Navesink River beyond all the trees. Go around to the other side of the house and across the field, and you’ll find forested hiking trails. The grounds are quite well-kept. I think I fell in love with this park a little.

More pictures from this hike are on my instagram @sonicshel.



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