New Tune: Monsters

Another terrible recording with a sore throat and jimmyrigged recording setup. It’s rough as hell, but it will give you a basic idea of what I’ve been working on, at least.


We all have to face the shadows

that we dream up in the dark

when no one is looking we strike the match

and wait for it to spark

(we wait for fires to start)


One day it will all burn down

maybe we should start running now

we’re almost out of daylight

soon we’ll have to face the night


turn the covers down

if you can’t sleep, do not make a sound

is the monster just a trick of the light

don’t speak unless you’re ready for a fight

there’s a candle waiting for a match

if your hands are shaking better light it fast

when no one’s looking spark turns into flame

if it falls over swear you’re not to blame

it’s only a trick of the light

find a way to win this losing fight


One day it will all burn down

maybe we should start running now

we’re almost out of daylight

soon we’ll have to face the night


No one else can tell you what to fear

with the lights turned down our demons feel so near

we can’t help but strike the match

and try to make it spark

we never know what fires we might start.

(we long for fires to start)


This darkness just doesn’t feel right

so we keep throwing matches at the night

But it’s only a trick of the light

It’s only a trick of the light.

6 thoughts on “New Tune: Monsters

  1. Out of curiosity, what’s the chord progression for this? I think I hear something in Am, but I’m not so great at picking it all out yet. I’ve been practicing again and one of the things I’m doing is trying to come up with bass parts for stuff I hear. Yours is one of the songs I tried this with, this AM.

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    1. There’s Am pretty dominantly, yeah. For some reason I use Am in almost everything. I think I like at least one minor chord in the mix or things feel too peppy, and Am works with almost everything.

      For the most part it’s Am C Am Fmaj7 Em Am, if I’m remembering right without my cheat sheet on hand.

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      1. I think that all works because of C. If my understanding is right, its because if you look at C as home, then Am is its relative minor (the relative minor is always the 6th note, so C-D-E-F-G-A makes A the 6th, so Am is the relative minor for C) and F is the 4 of C. Of course, that’s just me trying to see how theory works with what you’re doing. I’m not necessarily getting it right.


      2. Hey, I only barely follow the theory, you know, so it all sounds good to me. All I can say for sure is that, given the chords I know, Am tends to mesh well with pretty much all of them, sometimes to mellow things out, others as a stepping stone to pull them together. That’s just me happening to know a handful of chords that just happen to work with Am, though, there’s not much theory involved in my brain, just a lot of trial and error. I only even know Fmaj7 as a chord because I happened across it when I frigged up C once, so it’s all whim and dumb luck from my end. Lol.


      3. I wrote out the notes, and it looks like there’s another way to look at it. If we’re in they key of Am, then A=1, C=3, E=5 and F=6. With Am-C-Am-Fmaj7-Em-Am, that’s 1-3-1-6-5-1. I’ve seen how major chords are supposed to work, but I don’t know how minor ones are mapped out yet. I need to look that up.

        (Sorry for throwing numbers around, I kind of like trying to fit this into stuff I’m reading to see if I’ve learned anything. This also makes me wonder if there’s a “relative major” in the same sense that there’s a relative minor for major keys.)

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      4. No worries, I actually appreciate the exposure to theory since I think it will, over time, help me osmose the most pertinent points. It’s definitely in the key of Am. Beyond that I fail at theory.


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