Testing out a new pick

I’ve got a thing for trying different picks. I like it. It brings me a weird sort of joy, and it’s a cheap way to adjust your sound. So far, my favorites have been my orange tortex picks, and the cheap homemade ones I make out of credit cards, though I’ll occasionally pull out my wood pick, too.

I’ve had my eye on metal picks though. I wanted to try one. Why? Because I never have; that’s why. So, as an intro to metal picks, I bought a cheap little pack off ebay and I thought I’d share the comparison with you.

ATM my Hellcat is sporting Fohen strings (which I do not love, but whatever).

The first pick you hear here is the tortex pick. The second is my homemade pick. These are the two I use most often. The third is the metal pick. Personally, my first impression is that it’s very shrill and I’m not wild about it. Buuut, I hated my wood pick when I first got it, too. Then I changed strings and liked it on that set, so you never know, I may find a use for it yet. The pick is loud and bright, so I guess if that’s the sound you enjoy, you’d probably like it. Personally, I don’t like a too bright sound. I prefer them just a bit more mellowed out most of the time.

But, whatever, here’s a quick test for comparative purposes. Again.

#1 is a .60 mm tortex pick

#2 is homemade out of a debit card

#3 is metal

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