On Saturday, we had a really damp day here in Jersey. It was gross enough that we ended up cancelling the hike we’d been planning on. Sunday, it cleared up, and by late afternoon we had a nice, clear day, but I decided to play it safe with areas of the park that get lots of sun and dry up faster, so I went for the hilltop, even though there is something about this seemingly simple loop that messes with my hip. (Good grief, saying that makes me feel old, but the fact remains that there is something just a wee bit off about my right leg that has apparently caused a slight limp and has made me more careful about my footwear choices.). 

Sunset is now at about 6 pm, which means my park posts are probably going to start spreading out. I have about a week left where I’ll have daylight to walk outside after work before these park.walks will be weekends only. Not looking forward to winter at all.

As usual, the full photo set is on instagram.@sonicshel.

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