Photos: Cheesequake State Park

Today was a nice enough day to get my walk on again. At first I thought I’d shoot over to Holmdel, but at the last moment, basically when I was putting my key in the ignition, I decided on Cheesequake. The main trail head was super packed. There was no way to even get into the lot, let alone look for a spot to park. So, I thought I’d shoot up around the multi-use trail to find somewhere to turn around and see if I could find a spot up the other side, because I had a hankering to walk around the lake, but once I got there, I just sort of said ‘fuck it’ and decided to do that one.

The White Trail/multi-use trail gets mostly bike traffic, and you can definitely see that on the narrow passages. The fallen leaves made things a bit slippery and I had to take some extra care. I twisted my ankle, but mercifully it was quite a minor slip and I was able to just shake it right off. There was a jogger with a pair of small dogs who I saw slip, too.  So, for my end of autumn hikers, do remember that you don’t know what’s going on under that leaf cover and be cautious.

I managed to somehow lose the trail. Okay, by “somehow” I mostly mean ‘my dad called and while I was listening to him say the same thing over and over again I wasn’t paying attention and wandered in the wrong direction’. That ended up being kind of to my benefit in the end, as I got to see some paved and formerly paved roads that clearly don’t see anything but foot traffic.

I’m hoping to get another hike in next weekend, but the current forecast has things turning cold, so we’ll see.

Also, a better recording of the most recent tune is in the works as I’ve been spending some time ironing out the kinks, so that might happen some time later in the week. Maybe. We’ll see.

As usual, the full set (just a few more in this case, as I was interrupted mid-hike by a phone call) can be found on instagram @sonicshel.

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