Tune Updates: Delaware, Monsters, and Time Traveler’s Love Song

I said I was going to upload an update on Delaware last week, but I  was still picking at it. There’ve been these little bits in the lyrics that I just wasn’t quite happy with and I couldn’t think of what to replace them with. So, for the past week or so, I’ve been listening to it over and over again in my sound recorder app on my phone while driving to and/or from work to just beat it around in my head until inspiration struck.

I also took it to the uke to try and work it out, since I’m still dealing with really simple chords that are easy to play on both instruments.

So, having done that, tonight I recorded both a guitar and ukulele version of Delaware. I also, while I was at it,  re-recorded Monsters and Time Traveler’s Love song, since, those of you who’ve been following along might remember, I was recording those with the sore throat from hell, and as a result didn’t bother even attempting to level out the sound quality to something resembling passable since I just plain didn’t have voice enough to record each more than one time through.

Having done that, when I went to soundcloud I found I was over my free time. Oh, so that’s a thing. As a result, I’ve had to go through and delete some of the oldest stuff. (for now, all the poetry recordings are gone. Can’t be helped.) So, as you go back in time thorough the archive, music clips are going to go away. It will go from oldest to newest, so for now I’m still able to maintain a history of about a year, making this, I think, not that big of a deal. It’s unlikely anyone but me would want to go back further than that, and even I’m not all that likely to, when it’s probably quicker and easier to fish through files on my computer than to search for blog posts from the jurassic era.

So, I’ve had a fairly productive night. Admittedly, this is owing in part to not going to the gym tonight, buuut…I came home with a people headache (this is a headache that comes on from having a whole bunch of people surrounding you for 8 hours, all talking at above necessary volumes in 40 different conversations and just making a distracting racket while wearing particularly offensive cologne so you can’t get any quiet unless you hide out in the bathroom, for those of you who weren’t sure what a people headache is. Sufficed to say, I don’t do well at parties. lol.), so I was in no condition after work. With the roomie out of the house though, and no noise but the purring of cats unless I made it, I recovered quickly, though, and was able to get to work.

So, without further adieu!

Delaware – guitar style (with my usual tortex pick)

Delaware – Uke style! (which is notably shorter, because reasons)


Time Traveler’s Love Song


3 thoughts on “Tune Updates: Delaware, Monsters, and Time Traveler’s Love Song

  1. If you’re out of space on Soundcloud, you might want to look at Audiomack. They have unlimited space, even for free accounts. I haven’t looked at them since last November, because I haven’t filled up my Soundcloud yet, but I found them when searching for alternatives a while back because I figured it could eventually happen.

    Here’s my post with them – and from skimming it, I see that they’re the one with a WordPress interface too: https://uglybass.wordpress.com/2015/11/17/alternatives-to-soundcloud/

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  2. You might also like Logamp. I haven’t made time to explore them yet, but I know they have free, unlimited space, and they host music, art and literature – all 3 of which you create, so it might actually be a good one-stop-shop for you. 😉


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