New Tune: Generic Love Song

This is a terrible recording. Seriously terrible. Between my mic stand now doing this thing where it randomly collapses for no reason, my chair deciding to sink for no reason, and my poor cat wheezing in the background due to a kitty cold, I just surrendered to a case of the ‘whatevers’ so I could post what I’ve been working on. (Also, more hiking photos soon, when I’m feeling less lazy).

Very briefly, this one was a semi-challenge/semi-my muse being a weirdo. I won’t go into that further for the moment due to limited time.

Generic Love Song

They say every singer writes a love song

But there are just so many ways it might go wrong

If I screw this one up they’ll say I’ve lost my touch

I’ve got to say enough, but I can’t say too much


So what if all the years we have are golden?

And what if all the flowers are just roses?

What if walking on the beach and holding hands

is my super-duper-extra-mega-romantic plan?


It might be that I’m just not that original

or that I somehow don’t try hard enough

but that sappy shit is just okay when its fictional

and I shouldn’t need a playbook

to keep my loving up to snuff.


So listen to me darling,

I’ve got something else to say,

I love you generically, so we’re gonna be okay.


It might not be the stuff that makes a good movie

maybe I’m just not that groovy

it could be that all my bright ideas

have been done before

But I’ll try to follow the rules

if you’ll stop keeping score


Maybe love is a cliché

Maybe that’s just the way it is.

Why isn’t it enough for things to be kind of okay?

Why do I have to be a screenplay to make you want to stay

no one wrote me a script, so I just have to adlib it

you’ve got to expect a few bloopers along the way

But I love you generically, so I think we’ll be okay.


When your shape goes from svelte to rotund

and when everything drifts a little south

it’s fine. We’re both gonna be half blind

and you’ll have gotten used to my smart mouth.


The thing about growing older

is that it happens a second at a time

in 40 years, I’ll still love you generically,

and in 20 you’ll forget to mind

I’ll always love you generically

so I think we’re going to be just fine.

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