Photos: Sandy Hook Bay at Sunset

Sunset over Sandy Hook bay a few weeks ago, out by Fort Hancock. The full photo set can be found on instagram, as usual, including a shot where you can see the oldest functioning lighthouse in the US, which I’m only not including here because I apparently already took it off of my phone.

This was a few weeks ago, and the first time I’d been to Fort Hancock in probably a decade or more. Once upon a time, the school I went to used one of the old barracks buildings and a satellite to teach Marine and Environmental Science courses, but that is clearly a thing of the past, which is a darn shame; a historical site like this was a great place to attend lectures. Who wouldn’t want to go to school at the beach, right? 

At least one building in the Fort has collapsed entirely. Several look like they may be beyond repair. We’re still calling it a historical site, but the reality looks more like the ruins of one, or at least one in dire, dire need of rennovations.

There is no shortage of photographers oyt by Fort Hancock though, especially at sunset on a temperate day.

In other news, I’ve been given a massive hoarde of music-related e-books, so with any luck (and the attention span to go with it), I will be getting back to talking lesson progress soon, especially as regards my sorely neglected bass.

And, with the nice weather quickly abandoning me, I should be getting back to work on another poetry album soon. Maybe.

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