Well, I was right yesterday about the Focusrite website. Holiday traffic has overloaded their servers, so registering a product is temporarily down. However, today I was able to get the drivers going at least, so the computer is recognizing the device.  I’ve noodled with it a bit, and have a basic, bare bones idea of how it works at this stage by fiddling with it in audacity.

Fun aside to that, Audacity made me think my CAD headphones were broken because it does this thing where, when you record, it plays that sound out of one ear only. Then, you record something else, and it plays that out of the other ear only. End result is once you export an mp3 (or format of your choice. I used mp3 for test purposes) is a bizarrely unbalanced sounding track, and I have no idea, at the moment, how to correct that. (Quick google tells me the issue is with recording a mono track with audacity set to stereo, and that audacity needs to be set to record mono for this, so I’ll noodle with that next time I pull the new toy out and see if that fixes it.)

Up side – after testing with other tracks and devices, my headphones are just fine.

So far I have no idea how to adjust the volume of the recording when working through the audio interface. I know how to adjust the headphone volume, but I’m coming up with an unreasonably quiet recording volume. At this stage I have to blare the PC to hear the test recording, but once I figure it out it is going to do what I need it to, at least with the acoustic instruments. It looks like I’ll either need a second mic, or some sort of adapter to get an amp into play. Lots yet to learn, but I’ve managed to figure out the bare bones just by pushing buttons for a minute or two, so I’d say it’s a pretty simple, user-friendly little device overall.

More to come as I continue to ride the learning curve. For now, I still sound like a frog is dying in my throat, so only have enough voice to experiment for about 5-10 minutes at a time. Healing up though, so shouldn’t be much longer unless roomie brings home some new, fun strain of death by the common cold to hit me with.