So, Happy New Year guys.  It’s January first. The last of my new years guests has just left after several rounds of Coup – a game I never picked up because I don’t enjoy the whole deception thing – but learned quickly this isn’t actually a necessary component of the gameplay, and it went really well.

With the guests gone, the fridge, once again, bursting at the seams with food, and me chilling out for the remainder of the day before returning to work tomorrow, I sat down once again with my new set of musical tools and decided, after all this talking, I should put together something I could share with you.

I kept things simple and just did a bit of an arpeggio thing, and then fiddled around with some of the plug-in effects built into the system, but it should at least give those of you who, like me, may have only ever used Audacity or your cell phone, an idea of what sort of sound you’re getting out of this little guy.

For this one, I used the guitar, and didn’t run into much of the line noise I’ve been experiencing with the uke, so that’s clearly something that (for reasons I have not completely sleuthed out yet) has to do specifically with the ukes. There’s a little bit of fuzz through the headphones on guitar, but not enough to really bug me, and as long as it doesn’t show through on the recordings, I’m willing to live with it-this is entry-level equipment, after all.

Also! I finally figured out how to start with a blank file and not a template. There’s a little checkbox you can untick that I managed to overlook the first several times opening the program. The blank file vastly improves the amount of time I have to sit around waiting for things to load.

So, I’m starting to get a feel for the basics of the program. Basically, what I did here was record a track raw, as clean and noise-free as possible (due to reasons described in my last post), and then made a few duplicates of that track with which to fiddle with some effects.


And, the end result of that noodling about is thus: