New Tune: In This Photograph

Audio Evolution for Android – Screenshot from my phone.

Well, I decided to use the song I finished writing earlier this week to give Audio Evolution a full test drive, and decided to use my phone to do it. (Note: when recording on your phone, turn off app notifications, or at least wear headphones. I did not do this when recording the guitar and, well, you’ll hear it. Oops.) I’m sporting an HTC One M8, for those who want the overall specs for this. Used the internal mic as I so often do, no fancy plug-ins.

Overall, I’m digging it. I mean, whether the vocals and guitar are at the right balance here is mostly owing to me just not really knowing wth I’m doing at mixdown yet (there are entire lists of things that I look at and go “…I need google for this/fuck it, I’ll just guess.”), but the process sure beats the heck out of trying to position mics and/or amps around a cell phone in a way that you can hear everything.

I’m also learning to separate vocals and guitar in my head a little. When I first started trying to work with multiple tracks, I found it almost impossible to just listen to the guitar and figure out where the words belonged. I’m getting much more used to that now, but the first few tries were really rough. It was like I wasn’t able to figure out when to sing without my hands moving on the guitar. I still have a lot to learn here, but I’m noticing progress.

Overall, I’m calling it seven bucks well-spent. It’s going to end up saving me a lot of hassles when roughing up recordings of new songs, like this one:

In This Photograph

I helped you pick out the frame
So we could say our history's the same
But I see where this story is leading
And that there's no room in this photograph for me

There's a distance to relationships that toe the line
Somewhere between I'm sorry and I'm doing fine
Memory only lasts as long as what we leave behind
And there's no room in your photographs for me.

When everything goes topsy turvy
There's no room in this photograph for me
You like to say that we're still learning
But I already know where I fit in your story.
There's no room in this photograph for me

How long until you forget my name?
Until years and lifetimes start to feel the same?
It's only when you're down that I come to mind
and I can see how clearly you've drawn that line
Because there's no room in your photograph for me
And I'm not blind enough to just not see

That somewhere down the line 
you'll look me up
I'll say that I'm just fine
We'll talk like people never have to change
But if there's no room in your photographs for me
Then the worlds we live in aren't quite the same

When the world goes topsy turvy
And the photographs all fade from memory
There's a shoebox in the closet for old stories
And that's probably the best place for it to be
sitting on a shelf collecting dust and pretty lies
so memory is kinder when we find the time.

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