Ah, Soundcloud, so much spam

Guys, I’ve been invited to a competition (lol):

The music sounds nice here. I think it could do well in a competition we are hosting to help artists acquire feedback.(gold winners will be introduced to our partnered-labels and reviewed by them) It is all free. If interested, please check the rules, FAQ and enter at [link removed on the very real probability it’s harmful to your computer] . ——————————————————– if you have already been invited on a previous track, please consider entering again with this new one.

It always amazes me the sheer percentage of spam likes, and porn messages, I get on SoundCloud, but this one takes the cake for me because it’s not as immediately obvious that it’s spam. If it hit one of my actual songs, I might not be sure. (Don’t get me wrong, I’d suspect, since I’m jaded as fuck). But, what does this turn up on? One of the Bodhran practice clips I uploaded last night after watching my first ever bodhran tutorial.  I’ve never played bodhran before, or any sort of drum. So, what? I’m a natural? Un-fucking-likely.

Since Soundcloud is well-loved by bloggers, I figured I’d throw this up as a warning. If you get hit up with this message, just remember, I got it on a practice clip for an instrument I’ve never played, and make your analysis with that as your starting point.

*feeling amused*

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