Further Testing in Reaper…

Well guys, the end verdict has gone in Reaper’s favor. I can’t purchase it yet, mostly due to tragically limited funds needing some recovery time after the recent holidays and post holiday toy purchases, but the long and short of how I came to the decision is thus:

Reaper, although I did encounter problems at set up, has not given me problems since then.

Studio One Prime, while it worked beautifully at set up, has since started experiencing a monitoring lag, so every note I play doesn’t hit my headphones until a full second later. (Fun if you want to feel like you’re shouting into a canyon, but not very practical if you want to get things done.)I’m not sure why it started doing this, but clearly non-functional or sketchy monitoring demotes it, even if I really like the interface. Pity.

So, I’m continuing to evaluate Reaper for now, but odds are high that, once I’ve recovered from the holidays, and managed to put something away toward that damn new couch I need so badly, that will be my next music related purchase unless I’m presented with a more interesting option between now and then.

So, I’ve spent a good part of the past week using the latest track as my trial run and used reaper with the Solo (I did not use the mic amp. that is a purchase meant for acoustic instruments for me, and I didn’t use any of them in this.) to record things and see how it worked out. I used multiple instruments as a learning experience, even though I really have no business working with the bass and the bodhran on a track yet. Bassists and bodhran players everywhere would cringe in horror if they heard it. lol.

Funny thing though, with my headphones I can hear everything, but with the lappy, all I hear is guitar and vocals (if I squint and realllllllyyyyyy listen, I can ALMOST hear hints of other things at a few points, but mostly no). Lappy speakers are pretty terrible, granted, so you guys tell me if you’re hearing anything but the vocals and guitar here.

(As an aside – my guitar is probably out of tune. I literally changed the strings only minutes before recording the track. Terrible idea, I know, but that’s when I apparently felt like doing it. I hate new strings. Hate. Hate hate hate.)

I didn’t use the hellcat this time, I used my electric on this track to see how it sounded through the interface, so the toys used here were : godin exit 22, hadean uke bass (ukb-22), and my itsy bitsy bohran.  I was originally going to use my schechter bass, but at the last minute changed my mine and pulled out the uke bass instead because…I don’t know, the same reason I decided to try recording a track on brand new strings that hadn’t stretched out yet, I suppose. Because, whims rule my musical life.

So, you guys tell me, can you hear anything other than the guitar and vocals? Are my lappy’s speakers way worse than I ever gave them credit for? Or maybe I shouldn’t be trying to balance everything out with headphones on. I have no idea.

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