Another Audio Interface Discovery

So, today, in further noodling, suddenly, Reaper started doing that monitoring lag thing that Studio One was doing the other day.  Clearly, I gave Studio One a bad rap in my last post on the subject, because if now both of the DAWs are doing this second lag/echo thing on the monitor there’s something going on that’s either

a) True of both of them, or

b) has nothing to do with either of them.

So, I opened up my preferences and options menus in both to take a look and LO AND BEHOLD, for reasons I do not understand, both were using my interface, but had switched my settings to not be said interface. So, apparently when you have a USB deviced plugged in, the DAW will default to use it, but won’t necessarily have the right settings set up to do so effectively, and this will cause weirdness. In my case, that weirdness came in the form of an echo.

Studio One did this to me because I made the mistake once of unplugging the interface before starting the program. The program read that as the Solo failing to function properly, so the next time I opened it chose different defaults, because it thinks the device doesn’t work. It actually asked me “this has failed to start in the past, are you sure you want to try it again?”  Yes! It didn’t fail to start, I turned it off, you dumb thing. And with that, no more monitor lag in Studio One.

Over to Reaper, I admit I have no idea why it changed my settings. It’s probably something I did, but I have no memory whatsoever of doing anything remotely out of the ordinary there, so it’s a mystery. But, once I set them back to the focusrite, the monitoring lag went away.

So, I’m back to square one with both programs being about the same quality, and my choice will be coming mostly down to personal preference after noodling with them both a bit more.

Life lesson: with DAWs, if things are being crazy, before anything else, check your audio settings. Apparently, they sometimes make decisions about what they should be all on their own.

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