Photos: Holmdel Park

Ah, FINALLY, a decent enough day on the weekend to go to the park where I’m not tied up with social obligations or busy hibernating from the cold! It’s been entirely too long. Between the holidays falling on weekends, snow that keeps happening on Saturday, it being dark already when I leave work during the week, and my strong compulsion to hide from the elements when it drops much below 40 degrees, I have been feeling quite sulky for all the lack of sunshine. The lack of outdoor time in the winter always makes me super lazy, but today I took out the trash and just thought ‘YES, I AM GOING TO THE PARK! Park park park park park! 🙂 ‘

What can I say, I’m easy to please. So, I threw on my sweats, bundled up in my hat and coat (seriously, It was only about 34, but I looked like I was ready for an Arctic expedition), and I made a madly happy dash to Holmdel Park/Longstreet Farm. I wanted to stay mostly to the sunshiney areas because it really was a bit chilly for me, but by the time I was finishing up, I’d warmed up a bit. The cold air makes me sniffly, but it was nice to get outside and play a bit.


As per usual, if you want to see all the photos, the are on the instagram.

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