Some maintenance changes…and art.

As usual, there’s plenty going on here, but honestly, I’ve had one of those days where you shove your foot really far down your throat first thing in the morning, and that sort of sets the tone for the rest of the day, so I’m not feeling my usual level of sarcastic optimism enough to deal with most any of it for the moment.

But, I have made a site change, and that, at least, I have energy enough to talk about.

I’ve been with redbubble a while for the art stuff, and I threw some of the photos up there, too – the better quality ones, off the camera. (I usually share from the phone here, out of convenience for both me not having to plug the camera in, and for you – because faster load times, but better quality of most of these photos exist). And, I can say with a rather fair amount of certainty that, for me, it’s been a big fat waste of time and energy. I won’t pretend nothing has sold ever. I have two designs that did…okay. But, I’ve received an incredible amount of twelve cent payouts. I’m not exaggerating there. Most of my commissions from redbubble for months of work have landed at less than a dollar.

I’ve been trying to decide if it was worth maintaining based on my level of art-making, and my utter lack of desire to waste my life promoting shit all the time, when I got another weird email.

This one came from a recruiter for Design by Humans. I’m going to be utterly frank here: I’m not convinced that making the switch is going to make a lick of difference, but a email conversation with the recruiter and some mad googling did leave me with enough potential benefits to give them a shot.

The ones that stood out the most to me were:

  1. Broader Range of Apparel Sizes – this is a little misleading, as many of the styles actually have a rather limited size range, but you can get a basic tee in up to a 5x, which is a broader size range when you consider most similar sites cap at 3x.
  2. Standardized pricing – some people might hate this, but not having to decide what the heck things ought to be priced is just one less thing I have to fuss over. I’ve had a really hard time in the past trying to find a price point that both allows me to make…well, more than twelve cents, while remaining in a price bracket that didn’t deter potential buyers. Having a standardized price structure takes the guesswork out, and means I don’t have to micromanage or fuss over numbers when I’d much rather be busy making things.
  3. Less saturated marketplace due to the need to apply to open a shop. I don’t actually expect I’ll have any less trouble getting buried on DBH than any of the other POD sites I’ve tried, but on the numbers game alone, my chances are marginally better.
  4. Larger than average printable area.
  5. On average, the price structure works out better for both the buyer and the artist than what I was seeing elsewhere, so if I manage to sell anything, I at least should have a profit that is not less than what it cost the company to pay it to me.

They apparently also take care to use eco-friendly inks and ensure that their shirts are not made in sweatshops or with child labor which, is a nice little aside.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to start turning into some mad advertiser, and I have no expectation of making huge amounts of cash from my occasional drawings (or, anything I’m up to, really). But, I do think if I’m doing a thing, putting myself in a position where I have some chance of making a few extra bucks off of it now and again is worthwhile. Redbubble proved not to be financially practical for anyone in my case, so trying somewhere else isn’t hurting me any.

As far as photo prints, I’ve taken those down from being available at this time, too. Don’t pretend to be sad about that. There was really no interest, and I can’t blame anyone for that because, again, the price point on most of these POD sites is rather off-putting. At the moment, I’m investigating alternatives, for the same reason – because if I’m ever going to replace my mostly broken furniture, or execute other minor house repairs, while still funding my music hobby, then every dollar counts, and because I hate just letting crap I have tons of languish in obscurity on my hard drive because it makes doing it seem pointless, even if I enjoy it.

And, so that this post is not all boring maintenance stuff…the new store at DBH needed to be christened with a new design, so I doodled this silly idea I had as I was brushing my teeth to go to bed the other night.

Those of you who know me will get it. The rest of you can take turns guessing.

The new design, as well as one with the jagged heartbeat from my site banner can be found at the new site: – if you are so inclined.

And that’s all the advertising you’ll get out of me. It’s up on the menu bar for the convenience of those interested, and the rest of you are welcome to go right on ignoring it.

I’ll be back to my normally scheduled program of writing songs, talking about bodhran, getting my butt in gear on the 2nd poetry album (soon, I will start recording very soon), and spamming you with pictures of trees in the near future.


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