New Tune: They Dying Light (Very VERY Rough)

Really super rough draft of a new tune. I’m going to preface here: Yes, the song is sort of political. If that bugs you, turn back. Stop now. Do not proceed any further. I will not debate my political views. I feel no hesitation whatsoever about deleting comments. I do make every effort to avoid politics, but I also don’t live under a rock, so if politics have colored my world enough for a song to come out of it, then there is no reason I am going to run from that just because it might make someone on the internet cranky.

There, got that out of the way. Good. For those of you still with me, I assume you also don’t live under rocks, so you know that more than half of my country is in mourning right now. There’s a lot of anger and shock and denial as we see what we anticipate to be a bad situation getting worse and worse with every cabinet choice, with every nomination going to people either grossly unqualified, or diametrically opposed to the position they’ve been chosen to fill, and that is terrifying in a way that no transition of power ever has been.

People are afraid. And, people are in shock. It’s impossible not to make historical parallels, which I won’t detial: if you have even the barest grasp on history you already know what they are. But understand that at latest tally, the approval rating was 37% – the worst we’ve seen since…well, let’s just say long before I was born. Actually, if the numbers are to be believed, before my parents were born. Now, we do have people in this country who don’t think it’s that bad (apparently 37% of them), but that’s not the way most of the country feels, and it’s not the way my social circle – full of minorities, LGBTQ folk, and people with disabilities-feels. I may be about as white a person as you’ll ever meet, but that doesn’t mean I’m blind to issues, even if they affect me only insomuch as they affect the people I care about.

So, that’s where this one’s coming from – a place of worry, and deep-seated concern.

If I’m going to post something with a political bent, now – on the day that many of my friends have been participating in the Women’s March – is probably the time to do it. So, while I probably should work this out more, deal with the kinks, figure out the chord changes a bit more accurately, I’m just going to let it fly – badly played as it is (seriously, my guitar playing in this rough up is atrocious) – for the moment.

 The Dying Light


This is the dying of the light

We don’t know if we’re going down

Or if we’ll find the will to fight

We’ve got some bruises

We’ve earned our battle scars

There was a black eye and a bloody nose

That showed us who we are

Upon reflection

Things are looking pretty grim

Words might be said as only words

But they’re still sinking in.

And we’re all fighting fires

with water guns

It’s just this fun idea we had

that isn’t very fun

When ashes turn to ashes

And dust turns to dust

Somehow I don’t know how much there’s

gonna be left of us

So let’s have some silence

This is the dying of the light

There’s an avalanche that’s coming down

Full of wicked to make right

And everything we thought we were

hasn’t been a lie

we just got a bit distracted

by the newsfeeds flashing by.

Now we’re here fighting fires

with water guns

It’s a little bit slow going,

but we keep on pressing on

When ashes turn to ashes

And dust turns to dust

Let’s take a moment’s silence

To grieve, and breathe,

and then walk the road we must.

Because we’re all fighting fires

with water guns

It’s just this fun idea we had

that isn’t very fun

We’re all spectators to the dying of the light

we may need a moment’s silence

but we’ll make it through the night.

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