The Difference a Tipper Makes

Top: the tipper that came with my bodhran. Bottom: the one I bought.

I won’t pretend I’m spending a huge amount of time with the bodhran. I do spend a few minutes with it most days, though.

In my last bodhran post, I said I wanted to try a longer, heavier tipper without such a pronounced bump in the middle, as I thought it might have better stability for learning with. So, I spent a good deal of time wandering the internet, mentally cataloged a lot of interesting looking things under ‘for later’, and eventually settled on this one, based partly in cost and mostly on Amazon reviewers describing it as ‘a bit heavy’.

It turned out to be money well spent. This tipper feels a bit more stable in my hand and I at least haven’t sent it flying yet.  The flatter end paired with their heavier weight hits the skin more solidly, so I’m not as prone to dragging the tipper along the skin. The extra inch lets me sit more comfortably-I don’t feel like I’m reaching across my body as much, because the stick can reach without pulling my elbow in as far (I do wonder if this is an issue unique to a bodhran as small and shallow as mine, but am not experienced enough to determine if it’s me, or just the nature of the beast just yet.)

As an added bonus, the heavier tipper produces a fuller sound, which I think.I prefer.

Does a different tipper magically make me a better player? No, but it makes me a more comfortable one, which means I can practice for slightly longer intervals, so well worth the nine bucks, in the end.

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