You might construe this one as political if you squint, given our current political landscape in the US, but actually it’s just sort of a coincidence that this one ended up being called ‘Mexico’.

True story.

This morning at about 9:30, I’m at work and my dad calls. Now, I’m pretty firm about people not calling me at work unless it’s really important. It’s not exactly that it’s restricted at my office, but personal phone calls aren’t exactly smiled upon, and everyone is really effing nosy, so I’d rather get texts an answer them on the sly, so the fact Dad was calling generally only means one of 2 things:

a) something serious has happened, or

b) can you stop by after work/can I stop by your office to drop something off with you?

So, when I answer and the first words out of his mouth were “are you okay?” I knew I was clearly missing some important piece to a puzzle I didn’t know I was on task to assemble before I’d finished my morning tea. I told him, “I’m fine. I’m at work…” with appropriate confusion in my tone.

He answered, “That’s good enough for me,” and proceeded to briefly explain that he had just received a call from Mexico, and it was a hysterical girl saying “they’re taking me away”. When he tried to find out who it was, she just kept saying “It’s me Dad! Dad, it’s me!” She appeared to be hysterical. He said he couldn’t make out much because it was garbled from the crying. So, when the call ended, he called to check on me, just to be sure.

So, I don’t know. Whoever that girl was, I hope she’s going to be okay.

And the end result of that was me writing this song today, while the story was fresh in mind. I went with the uke for this one as well because, well, I guess because I had it out from having been working on yesterday’s song when I got home.


She called the wrong number
when they took her away
Someone else’s father on the line
didn’t know what to say
He called his own child
to ask if she was okay
Said there was so much crying
He didn’t know who it might be.

How do we live in a world
Where it’s so unclear
Who gets dragged through Mexico.
And I tend to think that
my family is all still here
But we all walk a lonely road
And I don’t know quite where we go.

Somewhere a daughter’s crying
And her father doesn’t know
That he might not see her again
What if she botched the only phone call
She’d get to have
And a stranger was her only chance?
She didn’t tell him her name
Choked sobs make us sound the same.

It’s me dad. Dad it’s me.
And I really need your help.
They’re taking me away dad. Dad it’s me.
You can’t be somebody else.
It’s me dad. Dad it’s me. Don’t you know me.
Please help.
There’s no way to track the call.
From New Jersey, a stranger can’t do much at all.
He hangs up the phone
Calls his daughter to make sure she’s somewhere close to home.

How do we live in a world
Where it’s so unclear
Who gets dragged through Mexico.
And I tend to think that
my family is always near
But we all walk a lonely road
And some roads lead to Mexico.

Somewhere a daughter is crying
And her father doesn’t know

that she’s in Mexico.