Photos: Keyport Waterfront

Woke up today in the midst of sinus hell and realized I was almost totally out of allergy meds and sent my favorite chapstick through the dryer, so it was off to the nearest convenience store. 

It was a cold day, but not unbearably so, so I threw on two hoodies and headed out. The cold air was good for my allergies, so I decided to head down to Keyport for a bit, walk along the waterfront, pop into a few of the antique shops to browse, and the local music store for guitar strings.

The local shop is small, so there are limited options. For electric he pretty much only carries DAddario, Ernie Ball, and GHS. Of those options, I’m going to choose Ernie Ball. And, I learned that people will make assumptions about what you play based on the strings you buy. The shop owner said “oh, you’re a power player, huh?” 

Not sure what to think about that. I just said, “not really. I just don’t like D’Addarios.” Which is true. I tend to like strings that are a little less bright. It has nothing to do with what I play. I don’t know enough to be any specific type of player. Seems limiting to categorize yourself like that, anyway.

Strings acquired, I discovered an antique shop that had a ton of old records and record players, and also that my favorite thrift shop is gone and has been split into two stores-no more homemade pear butter for me 😦 .  After that, I took my sorrow over the loss of my local jam supplier and wandered down along the waterfront for a bit until the sinus problems eased, then home.

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