New Tune: On A Quiet Morning

That’s “new”, as in new to you, my readers. I’ve been promising to upload this one for a while, and I just haven’t done it. I was going to do a better recording, and I didn’t. I was going to upload it to soundcloud, but I still keep running into space issues on soundcloud that I’m still not willing to fork over a fee to reconcile.  I was going to record a video of me playing it for Youtube and do it that way…but it’s time to admit I fricking hate taking video of myself. I can’t even be bothered with selfies (seriously, my facebook profile picture alternates between my cats, my instruments, and photos of trees and sunsets. Yes, I’m THAT person.)

So, I’ve conceded defeat on the matter, picked a mostly arbitrary photo from my massive collection of photos, and uploaded it to youtube that way. We’ll try it out and see if you guys take to this way of doing things, because frankly, it’s a down-and-dirty way of dealing with both my soundcloud issue and my lack of desire to post on my youtube channel (which I have disabled comments on because, frankly, have you ever read youtube comments? They will destroy your faith in humanity, and I just don’t have the time or energy to have my faith in humanity destroyed ad nauseum.)

Also, those of you who have a finite attention to detail (kudos on that if you do; I sure as hell don’t) may notice I’ve changed by publicly displayed name again. Since I use Shelby, Shel, and SZ fairly interchangeably, I decided to use the full pseudonym as my publicly displayed name to avoid confusion. You can go right on calling me whatever you have up to this point. It doesn’t really matter.

Having said all that, then, here’s the uke tune I promised I’d post a stupid amount of time ago:

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