New Tune: Unsaid

Here’s another new one. This one I just finished writing a day or two ago.

I’m sure those of you who might be audiophiles have possibly noticed that in spite of all of my talk about audio interfaces and DAW software, etc, I’m still recording these kind of off-the-cuff on my cell phone.  It’s all fine and good to talk about audio quality and cool gadgets, but at the end of the day, when I just really want to get an idea recorded before I forget it, pulling up sound recorder on my phone and picking up an instrument is just the most expedient way to do that. I’m just not overly worried about sound quality when I’m recording something so I can a) listen to it and see if it’s working, or where the weakest spots are, or if it’s just generally way worse than I thought it was and needs lots of work yet and b) post it on my blog regardless of whether I feel positive or negative about it at that moment in time.

I am using the audio interface on the 2nd poetry album, though I’m not working in any of the DAWs I’ve talked about yet and am instead working with Audacity at the moment. The reason for that is simple: I had a lot of the audio tracks pre-recorded in a sort of low-fi format that doesn’t bother Audacity, but more advanced DAWs are going ‘lol. no.’ to. Elitist snobs. 😀 So, I guess it’ll be the next one when I start really digging into the DAW software properly.

I just thought that I should note at this point that in spite of all my fancy(…ish.) tech, all the songs you’ve been getting are still just me and a phone, so you shouldn’t be listening to them for sound quality.

This tune is evidence of that in spades. You can hear a lot of background noises going on, and the phone picked up quite a bit of pick noise today, too, which I’m noticing is more pronounced with certain picks than others.



Maybe you don’t know

how much sadness I see in your eyes

and maybe I don’t know

if that sorrow is really yours or just

a mirror of mine


all the years go by so fast

but our story goes so slow

I don’t know if love would last

but I know we’re both afraid to see

how it might go.


How do we bare against the cold

of a life lost to second-guessing

what if we don’t act before we’re old

will the years become a burden or a blessing?


We take these cautious steps to guard our hearts

like, ‘don’t look back’ and ‘talk about the weather’

but whether or not that’s where the story starts

if we laugh it off we can keep playing these parts.


We can act like what’s between us

happens for a reason

that the time might just be right

if we wait out just one more season

But the plans we make inside our wicker hearts

The wrong strong wind might tear them right apart.


How do we bare against the cold

of a life lost to second-guessing

what if we don’t act before we’re old

will the years become a burden or a blessing?


If there’s a silver lining in all this

it’s that we know we’re either broken

or we’re breaking

and the length of shadows says the sun will set

so we’re almost out of time

and one moment is all that we have left.

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