Photos: Holmdel Park Hilltop

Sunday, the weather here finally gave us some mercy from all the wet we’ve been experiencing here lately.

Still, it HAS been very wet recently, with the ground not having time between rains in shaded areas to dry. It leaves most of my spring/summer trails pretty swampy,  and my allergies a mess. Even properly medicated, the cough and watery eyes have been killing me, and it makes me get winded pretty quickly. 

Yesterday was no different-I had to wait for my allergies to calm down before I could go. The combination of factors limited my potential trails. I needed a relatively easy, short hike somewhere that gets a fair amount of sun and so wouldn’t be too muddy, and also somewhere close by, since I had chores to accomplish and couldn’t waste an hour of a Sunday afternoon on travel. 

That narrowed things down pretty quickly. A sunny Sunday afternoon would mean a super packed park around the pond and paved loop area, so I opted for the hilltop, where foot traffic would be more spread out, but should still be passably dry. ‘Passably’ is the right word here: it was a nice walk, but it did have me banging a nice bit of mud off my shoes on the deck before bringing them in the house.

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