Where Video Tutorials Fail

Well, get ready to hear something shocking from me – the person who struggles to focus on book lessons and usually hates charts and graphs. Ready?

Just learn your scales from books.

I mean, if you’re going to learn scales, have a fricking chart of the scale in front of you.

Where’s that coming from? Well, you guessed it, I’ve cracked into the scale lessons on that ‘Intro to Guitar’ course I’ve been talking about. And frankly, even zoomed in on the intstructor’s hand, when he’s on the low strings, since his hands are not, you know, transparent, it’s really hard to see what string he’s pressing on what fret.  And even though I knew what he was doing and could count notes in my head to figure out where his fingers (which I was looking right at) were fretting, this meant it was absolutely, beyond any hope, impossible to follow along at the pace he was going at.

Basically, that means the scale lessons on this course are a complete bust. I stopped trying to keep up. If I can’t figure out what his hand is doing in slow motion, there’s no way for me to follow along when he speeds up.

And since that’s the first lesson on scales, that makes the entire rest of the scale lessons, which build on it, a complete bust. So, all of my good intentions regarding scales are a bust for the moment – at least so long as I’m focused on just plowing through the rest of these course videos. I’ll have to revisit the subject at a later date, with either a book, or a video that has a fretboard map for me to look at as I go. Short of having X-Ray vision or pausing  every .8 of a second and squinting, there’s just no way I’m going to be able to learn them via this ‘angled zoom video of hand’ method.

The instructor calls out the note names as he goes, which I suppose is good, in it’s way – I mean, that’s how I OUGHT to be thinking about scales, but if I can’t see what your fingers are doing clearly, I also need what fret on what string the first few times through so I can get a feel for the pattern of it, or I’m just flying blind as I try to count notes to figure out where the G is, and at what point in the position I switch strings, etc.

So, I admitted brutal defeat attempting to follow along on what should be a brain-dead level easy exercise.  And basically just casually watched the first two scale videos without participating at all, while glaring at the video. Actually, once I heard “moveable shape”, I just listened and didn’t even watch while writing this post. I mean, if I couldn’t deduce what the shape was in the first place, I honestly can’t be fucked to move it around.

In more optimistic news, I spent a few minutes with the finger picking exercise, and while it’s not amazing, there is steady improvement on that front.  So, I’m taking my small victories for the moment.

2 thoughts on “Where Video Tutorials Fail

    1. For the life of me, I do not get why they didn’t overlay one on the video. They already explained how to read one, so it would have been the perfect place to put the earlier lesson to good use. But, no-just zoom in and make me guess. Dumb thing.

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