New Tune: Adrift

The inspiration for this song is weird. It comes from a thousand different places that all have nothing at all to do with the end result. It comes from my recent hike in Ramanessin where my shoes got stuck in the mud, and from the concentration camps in Chechnya, and from an anthill I stepped on, and from the unseasonably warm weather and the flowers and leaves starting to bloom, and from this video I watched about using dead bodies to grow trees, and from this random guy on the internet who thought his son was gay because he has blue eyes.

And none of those things have anything to do with each other or this song except that they somehow all collided in my brain at the same time and made music happen.


You can live your whole life in a space 
the size of a shoe
Build sandcastles
And surface in the summer
You can learn to build favors
And break IOUs
You can live your small life
like you've got one

There are ways to know that you've been 
set in your ways
But you don't know them until you've been unsettled
They cast you adrift
While they were making waves
Now you can't figure out
What they've been making waves about.

Hey Blue
Open up your eyes
You might be surprised
The world is bigger than you know
So come on, get up, let's go. 
I'll drive.

I know that you're afraid of letting go
And of letting the things you don't know show
but even if you don't dream anymore
there's a whole world out there
that you ought to explore.

Because someday when we die
they'll plant you and 
you'll become a tree
you'll grow tall and wide 
then human hands will cut you down
and shape you a second time around.

It might be tempting to put down roots
to just stand there
grow leaves, and get buried in the snow
but while that's not such a bad life
it's bad if it's the only life you know.

So Blue
come on, get up, let's go.

So Blue
come on, get up, let's go.

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