New Tune: Wake Up Dreaming

I have some steampunkery to talk to you about from this year’s festival, but I haven’t taken the pics off of my camera yet, so I’ll have to get back to that later (soon…ish), but in the meanwhile, I’ve been roughing up a new tune. Been debating on calling it ‘Wake up Dreaming’ or ‘Masquerade’, but for the moment I’m favoring ‘wake up dreaming’ even though that line only actually appears in the song once.

This is another weird one – though I admit it might be time to admit that I think they’re all weird ones because the writing process is bizarre.  It started off as all these fragments of Alice in Wonderland references, and death, and when it all started coming together I realized it was a song about alcoholism. Go figure.

Wake Up Dreaming

Years are moments in disguise
I’m a broken wheel still spinning
I see the sorrow in your eyes
I know that heartbreak leaves you reeling

But we all wake up
This is all just a masquerade
We dream in colors and tricks of light
The words we wake to speak relate
A tale of time still being chased
through an upside down we can’t quite place<
And we dance
like dancing is everything we have
Through worlds that we don’t quite understand.

So, I don’t know.
maybe it’s true that we all do die alone
And the markers that we leave behind
Aren’t to remember, but to remind
The people that we leave behind
That all things come when it becomes time.

And we all wake up in wonderland
everything you see here is just a masquerade
We break the bones of best laid plans
and lose a little something
for every little thing we gain

We all wake up in wonderland
It doesn’t matter what you might have planned
If it’s a choice between screaming
and waking up dreaming
I don’t think it’s all that hard to understand:
what we have isn’t meant to last
raven feathers take flight on a page
and it’s easy to get stuck in the past
when you’re busy burying choices that you’ve made.

As long as you keep thinking
you can find the answers drinking
you’ll chase the bottom of a bottle
that makes you smaller than you are
and I don’t know what you’re thinking
that’s not a ship you’re sinking
and this wicked weather digs deep
and it leaves scars

But this is all just a masquerade
you can’t unmake the choices that you’ve made
so I’ll bury the bottle with you
we’ll all talk around the issue
and I’ll see you in the looking glass someday.

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