A Halo Called Fred & The Eternal Frontier (Partial Bands) at Dragonfly Cafe

Okay, let me do something novel here and talk about the things I’ve been up to in something resembling order of occurrence. Crazy, I know, especially considering I have three things on the agenda that all were happening just about within seconds of each other, so ‘order of completion’ might be more accurate.

Firstly, I did get my butt to Sommerville for that mid-July cafe concert I mentioned earlier.

After the SPWF fiasco, I wanted to see a full Halo Called Fred set, gosh darn it! So, my Saturday started with the new Spiderman film (which was awesome), and then in the evening I took the drive. Sommerville is another ‘argh fuck this parking’ town. The meter yelled at me a lot. It didn’t want my money, apparently. Beats the extortionate parking garage fees in certain other nearby towns that will go unnamed, though.

AAANYWAY, with the parking fiasco tended to, it was onward to the Dragonfly.

(Side Note: Dragonfly has gluten-free options AND organic teas. Both bonus points in it’s favor. This time I just got a smoothie though – as I don’t dare either chili or tea when my GERD has been flaring. That’s okay though. Smoothies are delicious.)

First fun fact: I have never seen the Eternal Frontier in spite of wanting to every year at SPWF. Somehow, the scheduling always lines them up directly opposite someone on my ‘wouldn’t miss them for the apocalypse’ bands. It’s just how it keeps falling, so I was looking forward to FINALLY getting to check them out.

I got to 50% check them out. Unfortunately, one of the members had a family emergency, so I got to see 50% of the Eternal Frontier. I’ll have to keep trying.

eternal frontier
Professor Adam Smasher – 1/2 of the Eternal Frontier

And then, I got to see a full Halo set…minus their regular bassist. Fun fact #2: I have seen Halo perform at the Dragonfly twice, and with the smaller, 3 piece version of the band both times. Fate? Some sort of time-space paradox? I’ll leave the mad scientists in the room to argue over the subject into infinity. I’m just saying, it’s officially a trend, and in a world of top hats and time machines, there may, possibly, be a chance of some kind that there’s something to that.

A Halo Called Fred

All said, it was a good night out. No more concerts planned for the immediate future. It’s been a fairly light summer for me on the music front, really, but we’ll see if anything of note pops up. I’ll be sure to (eventually) talk about it if it does.

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