Gear: Muzjig Pick Cutter

This post is almost kinda sorta 50% about my cat.

This cat. The picky little maniac who attacks my guitar strings every time I change them.

See, here’s the thing. She’s 1 yr old, and picky about treats. She loved these turducky dental treats I was getting from a local pet shop, so naturally, now that I found one she likes, I was no longer able to find them anywhere. That meant it was onward to Amazon. I’m not against buying her treats online if she eats them consistently enough. But, I also didn’t want to pay shipping on a single bag of cat treats, so I went through my Amazon saved for later list to find some ‘free shipping on amazon’ stuff to fill it out a bit, and decided I would finally fork over for a pick cutter.

I’ve wanted one for a while. I’ve been making my credit/gift card picks by hand, which is something I knew I didn’t want to do indefinitely, but it also wasn’t any sort of emergency. I do love home cut card picks, though. There’s a sound they make that I haven’t been able to replicate with any pre-purchased pic I’ve tried (and I’ve tried tons. I love trying new picks). Mind, there are picks I buy that I like quite a bit. I had an orange tortex dunlop phase. A phase where I was in love with wood picks. Right now I’m a fan of the 50mm clayton raven picks. I have a good mix, is what I’m saying, and they all have their uses, and produce their own unique flavor. My preference in picks can change based on what strings I’m using at the time, but I’m consistently a fan of repurposing old gift cards because they just sound so darn pretty.

So, it seemed like as good a time as any, when I was looking to fill out my cart. Let’s take a look, shall we?


Ultimately, I chose the muzjig cutter because it came in a case, which I figured would minimize how much I could beat it up. Also because, based on pricing and comparison, it was the best deal – it came in a box, with more strips than a lot of the others in the same price bracket.

On arrival, the first thing you notice is the box is pretty cheap – not to be unexpected for the price, but if you’re expecting these little plastic clips to last into eternity, that’s not very likely. Inside though, everything is packed snugly, and durable.

The box contains the pick cutter, a package of assorted punch slips, a file, and a stick on pick holder. Not too shabby for twenty bucks.

First, I pulled out the cutter itself. It’s hefty. It feels sturdy with plenty of weight to it and a rubberized bottom to prevent slipping. Seems pretty durable.

The slips are, actually, about the same weight and feel as your typical gift card, and when I use these on my guitar, I’ll tell you, the sound is pretty damn close to my card-made picks. Impressively close.

The included file is a basic nail file, so easily replaceable when you’ve used it up.

Now, to put it to the function test. It does require a bit of leverage to punch. I found it more productive to stand up and press down with both hands. Of course, I might just be a wimp. It’s not a job you need an excess of muscle for, I’m not saying that. But, a small child might not be able to get enough weight behind it to punch picks. The average adult won’t have a problem though, once you realize you do need to give it a fairly strong push to get through thicker plastic.

I had a pile of used gift cards and old credit cards, so I punched several different sorts in trial. Overall, the results were good. Only two of the cards required any filing. This is not the fault of the cutter, but rather that some cards are made out of a slightly cheaper material, and those cheaper cards tend to leave behind a few glossy clear plastic shards that need to be filed off. My old Rite Aid card (the ones they don’t accept anymore. no idea if it also applies to their newer ones) was one of these. So was my Pet Supplies Plus card. Everything else I punched through came out smooth on the first try, so I don’t expect I’ll need to replace my file any time soon.

Overall, quite happy with it. I’m resisting the strong temptation to pick punch everything in sight, now that I have a new toy.

As an aside, the cat treats? She won’t touch the damn things now. WTH, cat? You loved them a week ago!

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