Next Chapbook Available: The Dark Hours

I’m trying to behave myself and be better about actually doing the whole ‘promoting shit I’m doing’ thing, so here you have it:


I just hit the appropriate button to make it available on amazon, though it can take a few days before it’s listed as available.

When I was working on this one, I joked with Roomie that I should change the title to ‘Trigger Warning’ because the chapbook, by and large, is about grief. I spent more time working through this one than the previous two. It just happened, when I separated things out based on content to form the collections, ‘The Dark Hours’ ended up having a higher number of seriously old pieces that needed some work. One of them actually ended up being removed entirely, as I realized it made a better song than poem (I’ll record it eventually. Really.)

So, I figure I should share something from this book with you. My choice of poem is more or less arbitrary, but I’m intentionally choosing something quite old, since anything recent may be in my archives on the blog somewhere already.

In This City

I’ve come to talk with you again
about the white line
on the broken mirror,
and the gray stone you left behind you.

In this city,
there’s a deep chill you get from living
one lie at a time,
with your arms outstretched
against a cracked moon.

I watched you stare out the window once.
It was raining,
so I made a comment on the weather,
something unexpectedly poetic
about things as cold as they are beautiful.

‘I want to be like that,’ you’d said.

If I took a pen,
I could have traced the scars
up and down your arms
and drawn the world there,
mapped out a whole life
like it’s a paint-by-number
and revealed, with care,
the portrait of a weeping face.

Now, in a cemetery,
I trace your name,
if everything in life is transitory,
then this must be love.


At this point, the 4th chapbook will be available as well in the very near future – I’m waiting on the proof as I write this post, and I’m starting to format the fifth. As mentioned in an earlier post, I’m releasing them all in very quick succession. I expect I will very likely be getting to work on the sixth by next week. Nothing new in music land (that I haven’t been promising but not doing for ages, at least), since I’m focused on this project for the time being.

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