Oh, yeah, next chapbook is out: Pictures of Polyester Flowers

I don’t have a poem from this one to share with you at the second, since I’m writing this post from mobile while on that run and the poems are on that lappy, but, it exists, and has for a few days, so that brings me up to 4. Fifth is currently in the proof process, and I’ve started work on the 6th. If I am very, very lucky, I will have them all out and be up to date by the end of the year.

The cover came out pretty, though. (BTW, all covers are designed/photograpged/drawn/etc by me. I’m not sure if I mentioned that, but I guess I should before someone asks why I’m not crediting the artist, or whatever.)

The flowers are actually part of the bundle that sits on my kitchen table during the holidays. Took forever to get them separated from the background and smoothed out for use here, and left my hand pretty sore. It might be time for a replacement stylus for my drawing tablet.

Let’s see…what else…

Currently in process of writing a few funny uke songs. Hopefully will get around to recording and uploading new tunes soon.

Also, I really must clear off my camera before a festival next month, so there will probably be more photos coming. I forgot to upload my last several walks here, so there are probably more pics coming from the phone, too. You might, possibly, get spammed with nature pics soon.

That is all.

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