Next Chapbook: If This is Love

I know, I know. I’ve been posting literally nothing but ‘new chapbook available’ for the last several posts. Sorry about that. I know it’s got to be getting boring, but I’ve been working on them three at a time (while I’m waiting for confirmation on one, I’m designing the cover for the next. When I’m waiting for a proof on the first and waiting for confirmation on the 2nd, then that’s a good time to start editing the third.)

The pacing is going to slow down a bit at this point. It just happened that this last batch didn’t require a lot of time to be spent on editing. On the current one (which will be number 6, the editing process is going slower, so you can be relieved that you might get a bit of reprieve).

Still, I’m doing stuff, and the whole point of the blog is to talk about the stuff I’m doing, so I would be remiss to decide not to talk about an item on that list of stuff just because it’s the same sort of post as the last few. Can’t be helped. I work at intervals of manic productivity between large swaths of excessive laziness. That’s just how I roll, so I’ve got to chase the inspiration to get shit done while I’ve got it.

And on that note, tonight, I got the proof of the latest chapbook in the mail and I’ll be damned if the proof actually didn’t require a single edit. It’s a fricking miracle.  So, I’ve hit the handy-dandy publish button, and the latest will be popping up on Amazon within the next day or so. This brings me just shy of the halfway point of the project. I say just shy because while I am officially through the first half of the basic chapbooks, there are a few other random pieces that still need to either put in one of these collections or decide what else I feel like doing with it. Until I make a decision on that, I can’t say if I’m halfway through or not. They might get smooshed somewhere in the 2nd half of the chapbooks. Or, they might end up warranting their own thing. Not sure yet.

Pretty happy with the cover, overall. Please excuse the abysmally bad lighting. I have an old house with dim lights and I am writing a post at 3:30 AM like some sort of crazy person. Just know it’s brighter in person than the diffused look of the image.

So, unlike my  last post, I actually am on the lappy, so can grab a piece from this book to share with you, pretty much at random. It’s 3:30 in the morning,as I noted above, and I no longer have the mental faculties at this point to be particularly selective about what piece I feel like sharing, so I’m going with something simple:

Real Love

I traced the lies on your lips
while you were sleeping.
I guess that means the honeymoon is over.

The boxes left packed in the closet
make me wonder if I’m coming or going.

When I read poetry praising the power of love
I think about how you
never put the toilet seat down
and the trail of dirty laundry you leave behind you.

When we met I told you:
‘I’m not the kind of woman who does dishes’.
Now, we spend a fortune on paper plates.
I shouldn’t have been so specific.

You want to talk about love?
I snore.
You steal the covers,
but we still sleep in the same bed.
That’s  love.

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