Photos: Perrineville Lake Park (Baird Rd Trailhead)

This morning, it was off to the car dealer for some repairs under warranty. There were two up sides.

1. My center console lid no longer flies open to smack my elbow.

2. Getting to check out a new park.

I’m never in this area except for car things, so I relied on Google to tell me what was nearby. It produced two parks. I chose the one that was a bit farther, but had a lake.

There’s this fun thing Google Maps always does to me with new-to-me parks. It directs me to the weird, satellite part of the park first, rather than the main entrance, which is how I ended up on this little 3/4 mile out and back trail that was nowhere remotely near the lake I’d chosen the park to see. It was completely vacant aside from me. So, either the GPS on my phone is antisocial, or it knows I have really antisocial hiking habits.

Either way, it was a nice light walk, level and mostly abandoned over all dirt and grass. Next time I’m in the area, though, if the weather is nice, I want to find the other entrance and check out the park properly.

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