New Chapbook: The Minutiae

Well, I got the second proof of the final chapbook last night, and I don’t hate the cover this time, so I hit the handy-dandy approve button and set up the e-book version.

Kitty has already claimed it.

And, with that, the epic poetry project of doom is just about done. I’m waiting on the proof copy of the Omnibus edition, but all eleven chapbooks exist now, which I have to say, is pretty liberating – just knowing I did something with it all, and they’re not just rotting in my hard drive into infinity.

Now, if I could think up something half so productive to do with my photos…

Anyway, the Minutiae looks a bit different from the other chapbooks. When you get that many tiny baby poems in one place, the formatting has to do a little more leg work. Honestly, it was kind of a pain in the butt. Maybe I should plan myself an ‘it’s finally fucking done!’ celebration of some kind once I release the Omnibus and it’s done for real. But, most likely, by then, I’ll already be neck deep in some other project.

Anyway, I should share something from the new chapbook here, so I’m just going to randomly select the first one:


Dawn waits at the window to rise
and greet the day

I lie down at night and dream in stars

there’s someone inside my head

I write his name on my heart

Like wax
we drip down
melt together

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