The Omnibus is here.

It’s FINALLY done. The formatting on this fricking thing fought with me every step of the way – first in print, and then again in digital. It was a demon, but I vanquished it at long last.

It would be a shame not to compile it all into an omnibus edition, anyway, considering how much of it there is all together. At the end of it all, the Omnibus weighs in at just a bit shy of 250 pages.

If you’ve been following along, you’re going to notice that I’ve done something different here and priced the e-book and print edition the same.  I haven’t done that to date, because on the chapbooks, the digitial version is so much less expensive to make that I honestly would feel kind of guilty not passing that difference along.

I’ve kind of taken the tactic to date of pricing the books so the royalty is roughly the same between print and digitial, which means the chapbooks have been cheaper. That works out on the little baby books, but on the collected edition, I found myself in the unexpected predicament of the e-book actually costing me more to produce than the print edition, and not by chump change, either.  I’m not about to make the e-book more expensive – I hate seeing that as much as anyone, but I also found myself in a position that I’m going to be eating a nice hunk of royalty on the digital edition, so couldn’t afford to price it lower than the print version. Can’t be helped.

Anyway, as I think about it, if I’m totally honest with myself, the Omnibus is mostly for my own benefit, anyway. It’s a single volume containing everything, and more compact than a pile of 11 chapbooks. Frankly, it’s just a fair deal more portable and easy to work with if I need something to tote to a reading, so pricing quandaries aside, I just plain like it. It’s going to be convenient. No flipping through multiple books to find what I’m looking for, or deciding to only do pieces from a specific chapbook because I don’t want to have to futz around with multiple editions.  It’s just a heck of a lot easier to work with should the need arise. I can even chuck a copy in the back of my car to just have on hand for whenever the need arises. It can keep my little plastic uke company.

So, there’s that. I made it for me. There, I feel much better about my pricing dilemma now.  And, I’m still glad as hell it’s finally fucking done.

Nooow, what project should I move onto next?…hmm…well, for the moment, I’ll ruminate on the possibilities. You’ll know what’s next as soon as I do.


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