Due to the existence of a low quality album and the fact I’m apparently getting involved in shows once in a while now, I’ve done some re-thinking and decided to start another blog to separate out the announcement-type stuff so SWSP can return to its roots of being mostly me rambling about music things and spamming photos of trees when the mood strikes.

So, on a going forward basis, you’re not going to see the original music here, or get hit with the release news of albums and books and all that nonsense, or told when I’m going to be somewhere doing something. SWSP is going to be all about breaking down new musical toys I’ve got, talking about lessons I’m working on, and just all the generic rambling. You’ll see the menu options change as I siphon off all that stuff, probably.

I just find myself in a position where I need a sort of hub/portfolio where I can just announce completed projects, and maybe occasionally post a new song, so when people ask I can point them to something that’s easy to access without them having to fish through pages upon pages of my rambling to find what they’re looking for. SO, if you care about that sort of stuff, then you should follow the new blog: https://shelzeke.wordpress.com/.

And, if you don’t care about those things, rest assured, I will still be here rambling about equipment and concerts and music lessons and whatever else I have on my mind well into the indefinite future. I’m taking the transition pretty slowly, but you will see formats and things changing as I work my way through it.