Much Better!

Guys, I feel SO MUCH better. It’s amazing what a redesign can do. I grabbed a new theme, made a new graphic, and changed the color scheme up a bit, and suddenly everything feels nice and shiny and new again. I still have some work to do – mostly in the links section – I need to put up the link to the poetry crap, and decide wtf I’m doing with my instagram, if anything, but the bulk of the work is done.

Funny how the brain works, isn’t it? I reorder and reorganize my physical space all the time. There’s something about switching things around that just helps re-prioritize and re-focus, but it never seems to occur to me to do the same digitally until I’m feeling so bored of something that I can’t bear it anymore. Then, when I do it, I realize ‘oh, I just needed a new look. Should have realize that, in retrospect.’

What can I say? The brain is funny. It just memorizes half the lyrics to every song you’ve heard up until you’re about 25, and then there’s no room left for actual functional reasoning because your head is full of random notes and lyrics that suddenly sneak up on you at random times.  Have you ever had that? Isn’t it weird?  Just a few minutes ago, I got up from working on a playlist to go get something to drink. As I’m walking up the hall with my empty glass, suddenly, unbidden, my brain starts singing at me:

‘Somebody once told me/the world is gonna roll me/ I ain’t the sharpest tool in the sheeeddd…’

That song is not on the playlist. That BAND is not on the playlist. I don’t think I’ve heard that song in nearly a decade. So, I’m in the kitchen, and I mentioned it to the Roomie, because it’s bugging me. I can’t place the name of the song, or the band, or anything. I can remember huge chunks of the song, but can’t quite get to the chorus, so I’m mumbling trying to find my way there.

‘She was looking kind of dumb/with her finger and her thumb/in the shape of an L on her forehead…’

Then I pause, and Roomie, who’s not a music junkie like I am – he’s more of a movie junkie – chimes in:

the years start coming and they don’t stop coming/ …and I hit the ground running…

And somehow, between the two of us, we get to the chorus, but remember only bits and pieces with Roomie going ‘hey now, you’re a rockstar’ and ‘all that glitters is gold’. “I think that’s the name of that song?” he says. It’s not. I know it’s not. But, I now have enough info for a google search of epic length to get the name of the damn thing and stop driving myself batty trying to remember.

It’s Smash Mouth. All-star. And, I’m going to share it with you, because I think on the new version of the blog, I might start doing that more. Just sharing more music in general. It’s a sort of nice, low-maintenance thing I can do for those times when things are going slow and I haven’t got much to talk about, I think. Goodness knows I get random songs stuck in my head ALL THE TIME.


And, for something entirely unrelated, I mentioned in a previous post I might be murdering the print editions of the chapbooks due to Createspace merging with Amazon increasing the expense on books under 100 pages, and them not being super cost-efficient in the first place, but I’ve actually sat down and checked out the new royalty structure and I’m not in the red on anything, so they can stay as is. That said – if you want my poetry that badly, digital versions or Omnibus will save you money. Still, who am I to judge of you MUST have paper copies of chapbooks? People like what they like.

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