Songs by People – Mixtape 101

I’m trying the mixtape thing again. I did it once before and it sort of flopped. I ended up deciding it was too much work-at least, too much work to do on a schedule. But, time has passed and things have (somewhat)changed. I have a friend or two who really love mixtapes and dumping them on Youtube happens to be the most convenient way to share the ones I happen to have. Since it’s music-related, I might as well share them with you, too. This IS a blog that’s mostly about music, after all.

So, here’s what the SBP Mixes are:

They’re mixes of songs I make for my own benefit because having one huge lump of all the songs by artists I only have two or three tracks by proved untenable. Over time, it ended up being way overpopulated by what you’d expect – a lot of songs from before I was born, or when I was a kid. Some really old shit. Now, there’s nothing wrong with old shit. But, what was supposed to be a random mix of everything under the sun was turning into an oldies mix in which I’d occasionally hear an alternative song, or a folk song, or some random bit of musical comedy, and there was some stuff on there from compilations that I just didn’t want and the only way to find the tracks I didn’t like was to go through all of them. My ‘random’ folder, which I lovingly called ‘songs by people’ had gone from being unstructured to seriously unbalanced, and as time went on, I felt a strong compulsion to sort it out a little bit so I could select my miscellany based on what it actually was rather than ‘it’s in here somewhere’. Besides, a bunch of folders rather than one huge lump provides me with faster load times on the lappy when I’m looking for something specific.

In the end, the system I’ve gone for is this:

100 series: Assorted/Miscellaneous
200 series: Pop & Dance
300 series: Country & Folk
400 series: Oldies
500 series: Swing, Jazz, & Blues
600 series: Classic Rock
700 series: Pop, Pop-Punk, & Metal
800 series: 1980s

A few of these categories have serious overlap. There are times when deciding if something belongs in Oldies or Classic Rock is truly a coin toss. Swing, Jazz, & Blues can probably also be considered Oldies in a lot of cases. Emo gets dumped in with Punk & Metal because I basically consider Emo to be Pop-punk’s depressed younger sibling, so it seems to fit best there. There is no rap, hip-hop, or r&b category because they’re just not my thing, so there just aren’t enough tracks of that sort in my collection to justify them getting a home of their own at this time – that stuff’s all in assorted due entirely to the fact I just don’t have that much of it. Some of the albums I’ve got in the 100s probably could just as easily land somewhere else. And, if you really want to analyze, you are almost guaranteed to find songs in each of the categories that don’t technically belong but just sound right because musical revivals are a thing and something might have come out in 1999 that I just felt sonically fit better next to a song from the 50s. It’s not an exact science. At all. Especially not when I’m dealing with a lot of bands that I may or may not know much of anything about.

I won’t be sharing these on any sort of schedule. I’m just going to do them if and when I want to. But, eventually I’ll have a whole bunch of them on the youtube page that I haven’t been using for much of anything.

For today, I’m just sharing the first assorted mix: SBP 101.

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