New Track: In an Ideal World

I know. I know. I still owe you a banjolele post. I’m procratinating, but also not procrastinating. I didn’t use my usual strings, and those fuckers are taking FOREVER to settle. Not sure yet if the tuning issues I’m experiencing are the uke or the strings, and so want to withhold my banjolele thoughts until I’ve gotten around to restringing it with strings I’m more accustomed to.

In the meanwhile, I’ve written an utterly ridiculous bit of tomfoolery with my roomie, and we recorded it live at the usual basement open mic earlier this month, so I decided I should share it with you, in all it’s imperfect glory.

Roomie is a stand-up comedian. I’m, well…me. So you can expect going in that this track is utterly ridiculous in the most charming and imperfect way possible. I messed up a lot, but shhh. No one will know if you don’t tell them. 😀

Check it out on bandcamp:

in an Ideal World (with Mike Valentine)

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