New Track: In an Ideal World

I know. I know. I still owe you a banjolele post. I’m procratinating, but also not procrastinating. I didn’t use my usual strings, and those fuckers are taking FOREVER to settle. Not sure yet if the tuning issues I’m experiencing are the uke or the strings, and so want to withhold my banjolele thoughts until […]

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Songs by People – Mixtape 101

I’m trying the mixtape thing again. I did it once before and it sort of flopped. I ended up deciding it was too much work-at least, too much work to do on a schedule. But, time has passed and things have (somewhat)changed. I have a friend or two who really love mixtapes and dumping them […]

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Much Better!

Guys, I feel SO MUCH better. It’s amazing what a redesign can do. I grabbed a new theme, made a new graphic, and changed the color scheme up a bit, and suddenly everything feels nice and shiny and new again. I still have some work to do – mostly in the links section – I […]

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So, I’ve been on an unannounced hiatus. I still am(well, I guess it’s announced, now, but, you know…). I just don’t know if I want to blog anymore (which more or less means that I don’t want to blog anymore, but I’m trying to brainwash myself into changing my mind). I’m still up to all […]

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New Toy: Cordoba 22S

I’ve been keeping relatively busy in ukulele land. Mostly this means I’ve been parting with ukes I no longer play and deciding whether each of the items I’ve parted with is something to just let go, or replace.  I sold on my Snail uke because it was just sonically too similar to my Ibanez, so […]

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Joyo Ukulele Pickup

Today’s DIY music project was to add a pickup to my Kmise Ukulele. I have an Ibanez I favor for most things, but the Kmise I’ve set up as my go-to Low G uke. I have a Rubin set up at Low G as well, but I just like the overall tone of the Kmise […]

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