Thomson Park – Lincroft

And, finally, this past Saturday the roomie and I went to Thompson Park in Lincroft again. There was no soccer game this time, and the lot nearest the trail maps was open, so I was able to park where I pleased and actually create a loop this time. I’m still not hugely familiar with this […]

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Holmdel Park Photos

Once again, my blogging lags in favor of…basically everything else. Eventually, I’ll catch up with my life, I swear…maybe.  I’ve got a few things going, but probably not enough time to hit on them all today, so I’m going to start with the photo posts, since those are the least time consuming. (Basically: look, pictures. […]

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Thompson Park – Lincroft

Ok guys, this is the last one, and then I’m all up to date on photo uploads. I took these today at Thompson Park (Lincroft) on a hike with the roomie. We ended up taking a different hike than I’d planned on around the Marlu Lake area, since there was a soccer game going on, […]

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Holmdel Park and Longstreet Farm

And, here’s another round from Holmdel Park/Longstreet Farm.  With the camera, rather than the phone, I can occasional catch a critter, and last week, they were out in force.  Plus, the sheep are out in the pasture at the farm now, so there’s much fun to be had (I have a pic up on instragram […]

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