Gear: Muzjig Pick Cutter

This post is almost kinda sorta 50% about my cat. See, here’s the thing. She’s 1 yr old, and picky about treats. She loved these turducky dental treats I was getting from a local pet shop, so naturally, now that I found one she likes, I was no longer able to find them anywhere. That […]

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Newly Organized for the New Year

I had a busy Saturday.  It’s funny how things happen. I had a big old dresser that I was trying to part with for months. Nothing wrong with it, really, but with all the instruments, things were getting pretty cramped. I was starting to get claustrophobic. Plus, no room for yoga. Now, I’m not overtly […]

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It’s a Musical Holiday

Hope everyone out there has had a good/is having a good holiday. We have a pretty small get together – just me, my parents, and my roomie. Even so, I’m not seven anymore, and we all promised to keep it small this year. WE have a history of them way overdoing it, and me overdoing […]

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