Well, I’ve been keeping pretty busy this past week. As a result, I’ve had very little time per day with instruments in hand. I’m still trying to rescue myself out from under the mountain of stuff we all manage to somehow accumulate over the years, and spent most of the night going through a stack […]

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Newly Organized for the New Year

I had a busy Saturday.  It’s funny how things happen. I had a big old dresser that I was trying to part with for months. Nothing wrong with it, really, but with all the instruments, things were getting pretty cramped. I was starting to get claustrophobic. Plus, no room for yoga. Now, I’m not overtly […]

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Spring Cleaning (Continued)

Practice is still mostly giving way to the massive amount of spring cleaning I’m doing (if anyone wants a ton of manga, or a stack of how to draw books, let me know. lol.), thought I did manage to squeeze in some ukulele time this weekend, and am hoping to have more practice time a […]

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Spring Cleaning…

Did not get to practice at all tonight, which is hugely disappointing, but there WAS a music related reason: I was reorganizing the entire room to make space for a guitar corner. Things have been in a state of constant upheaval since I picked up the musical instruments. One hanging from the back of a […]

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